Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? (solved) (2023)

Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? (solved) (1)

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You’ve seen some Novaform mattresses in Costco but you might be a little unsure about their quality. Do they contain fiberglass? Are they free from toxic materials and chemicals? In this article, we answer all these questions and we tell you about the dangers of using a mattress with fiberglass.

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Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass?

Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? (solved) (2)

No, Novaform mattresses do not contain fiberglass.

True, we are aware (and you should to) that it’s very common for cheaper memory foam mattresses to contain fiberglass as a flame retardant but the Novaform memory foam mattress is one of the very few exceptions.

I know what you’re thinking.

There’s a chance that you already checked Novaform’s website for information on the materials in their mattresses. And, you may have found that they make no mention of whether they use fiberglass on their mattresses or not.

So how, you might ask, did we find out? We checked the mattress tag.

Mattress manufacturers are required by law to state all the materials used in a mattress on the mattress tag. We didn’t find any mention of fiberglass in the Novaform memory foam mattress’s product label.

Fiberglass is also called glass-fibers, glass wool, or glass-reinforced plastic. Always check a mattress’s product label for these terms before making a purchase.

What do Novaform mattresses use as a fire retardant?

Novaform mattresses use rayon and silica as safer fire retardant alternatives to fiberglass.

Some people will confuse silica with fiberglass, even though they are completely different materials. Quick trivia: Fiberglass is comprised of a significant amount of silica, but silica itself is made from silica sand and doesn’t contain any fiberglass.

All Novaform mattresses are either manufactured or assembled here in the US, which means that each product has to meet strict safety and environmental standards.

That said, it isn’t illegal to use fiberglass, which is why some memory foam mattress manufacturers still use it as a cheap flame retardant. If you’re looking for mattresses that are durable and fiberglass-free, check out our article on the best mattresses without fiberglass.

Are Novaform mattresses toxic?

Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? (solved) (3)

No, Novaform mattresses don’t contain any toxic or harmful materials.

All Novaform products, from their many memory foam beds to their premium hybrid mattress, are CertiPUR-US certified low in VOCs and free of heavy metals.

Novaform memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. They use gel memory foam to combat the main drawback of traditional memory foam mattresses – heat retention.

Not only that, all Novaform mattress models also feature an enhanced cool-touch cover that has undergone antimicrobial treatment.


The only issue we had with the Novaform memory foam mattress is off-gassing. Being a cheaper mattress that’s made with lower quality materials, the Novaform mattress released strong off-gassing odors which lasted for 1 week. That’s longer than the average off-gassing duration which is around 24-48 hours.

During this time, we left the mattress to air out inside a well-ventilated room to dissipate the chemical smell. If you(or your loved ones) have a sensitive nose, then you should consider this before making a purchase.

Dangers of using a mattress with fiberglass

Fiberglass dust or shards that have been released into the air can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs.

This is why mattresses that contain fiberglass always have non-removable covers. If you don’t follow this and forcefully remove the cover anyway, fiberglass shards will spread around your bedroom and your entire house.

Apart from the adverse effects that I mentioned above, fiberglass dust can also cause rashes, itching, and blisters if they come in contact with your skin. What’s even worse, if fiberglass fibers are inhaled and pass through the airways, they can cause miniscule tears in the lungs and may require surgery for removal.

We recommend that you avoid mattresses with fiberglass, especially if you have children or family members with compromised immune systems. The potential downsides far outweigh whatever benefits the mattress provides.

Why do mattress companies use fiberglass?

Many mattress manufacturers and companies use fiberglass because it’s a highly affordable flame retardant.

If you’ve noticed, most China-made memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass flame retardant fibers. Manufacturers in China focus more on quantity than quality, and they also don’t have strict laws like we do here in the US.

How to tell if a mattress contains fiberglass?

The first thing you should do is check the law tag (product label). Look out for these terms: glass fibers, glass wool, or glass-reinforced plastic. These are all names for fiberglass.

Next, you can also check for a “do not remove cover” tag. If a mattress brand warns you never to remove the cover of their product, there’s a high chance that it contains fiberglass.

Another thing you can do is to read other verified users’ reviews. Just make sure to read recent reviews as mattress companies might update their mattress materials.

Lastly, you can try contacting a brand’s customer service. If they are legit and reliable, they will answer all you inquiries directly and promptly. If they seem even just a little cagey, walk away – their mattresses definitely contain fiberglass.

What other mattress brands use fiberglass?

After doing a ton of research on today’s popular mattress brands, we’ve determined that the following mattresses contain fiberglass as a flame retardant:

  • Lucid
  • Zinus
  • Spa Sensation
  • DHP Furniture
  • Lull
  • Novilla
  • PrimaSleep
  • Avenco
  • Classic Brands
  • BedStory

It would be in your best interest to avoid these mattresses, as there will always be a risk of fiberglass contaminating your home.

Most high-end brands such as Tuft and Needle don’t contain fiberglass.

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Are there any fiberglass-free mattresses?

Yes, there are a lot of high-quality online mattress brands that produce fiberglass-free beds. Some of the popular brands are PlushBeds, Saatva, Nolah, Avocado and Puffy.


Does the Costco Novaform have fiberglass?

No, the Costco Novaform mattress does not contain any fiberglass. Instead, it uses rayon and silica as a natural and safer fire barrier.

Does Novaform use formaldehyde in their mattresses?

No, Novaform does not use formaldehyde in their mattresses. In fact, all their products are CertiPUR-US certified free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Are Novaform mattresses safe?

Yes, Novaform mattresses are safe for consumers. The only thing you have to look out for is the strong off-gassing odors from their cheaper memory foam mattresses. Their luxury hybrid model, on the other hand, has less off-gassing odors.


To reiterate (in case you didn’t catch it above), Novaform mattresses DO NOT CONTAIN FIBERGLASS.

Their memory foam mattresses contain rayon and silica as an alternative fire barrier, and they are also CertiPUR-US certified low on VOCs and free of other toxic chemicals.

Many mattress manufacturers, especially those who sells cheap beds, use fiberglass due to its low cost. That said, you have our assurance that Novaform is an online mattress brand that manufactures all their products in the US, without using any amount of fiberglass as a flame retardant.

Next step: Read our Saatva vs. Helix mattress comparison. If you’re looking for a high-end brand without fiberglass, these are two options you should definitely consider. We list the pros and cons of each so you can decide for yourself if they’re right for you.

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